Shelter in the storm


Music and Lyrics: Emma Nilsdotter, Per Alexandersson, Izak Danielsson-Kihlström

Produced by: Roger Gustafsson

Executive Producers: Patrik Hjerling, Emma Nilsdotter

Vocals: Emma Nilsdotter
Guitars and pedalsteel: Roger Gustafsson
Bass: Patrik Hjerling
Drums and percussions: Janne Robertson
Piano: Stefan Brunzell

Mix: Jerker Eklund


Have I told you how I feel
When I’m with you everything is real
It don’t matter where I’m at
I can be across the ocean
And still I know whenever I get back
That old familiar porch with wooden cracks All the sounds I haven’t noticed until now

And it’s you,
You’re the only one that makes me whole again You, you’re the anchor
You’re my only shelter in the storm
When the wind’s too strong

Did I tell you that I see
All those little things you do for me
And even if I stumble or if I fall
You wait for me
And you pick me ut whenever I feel small
And take me to that place that I call home
All the sounds I missed so much while I was gone